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IMG_2092We were unlucky not to get speech therapy for Teddie, which was frustrating, to say the least. We were happy with the progress Teddie was making with PECs, but he started to speak through sounds. For example, when the register was called at preschool and his name was called, he would make a noise to say he was present.
After watching a Gemiini YouTube video of a little boy in a fire engine, Teddie was hooked.
Teddie is extremely motivated by visuals and videos, so I was not surprised that he got excited about this video and signed up for the free trial.
After the first video, we were completely shocked to hear Teddie say words. But more importantly, he was mimicking the words with his mouth and trying to speak, which was incredible. We knew then that Teddie had finally found his voice.

To watch Teddie in action follow the link:

To find out more information about how Gemiini works link on the link.