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I started writing Life with a Bear as therapy for myself, I had left my job as Teddie (Bear) was really struggling at my sister-in laws, He hated loud noises- our niece was so very loud, he hated when she had people over and started to cry as soon as they came in, so I became a stay at home mum.  I filled our days with toddler groups and long walks with our dog in-between school picks for our older two. But some days I felt like I was going insane, small issues became larger ones so I stopped going places as it bothered me more than Teddie. I then realised maybe there was something more going on with Teddie. 

Writing down how I felt was like a weight had been lifted off me, My frustrations had passed as I had poured my heart out to myself through writing. That’s when I thought I had to be honest and share how I was feeling and the struggles Teddie was facing. 

Teddie has a long journey ahead of him but we could not be any prouder of him if we tried.