After some consideration, we’ve decided to go for an EHCP ( Education, Health and Care Plan) with the plan that Teddie will attend a specialist school at some point, ideally next year.

An EHCP can be applied for by the school or their parents but the 2014 SEND Code of Practice states that schools should start the EHCP process with the knowledge and agreement of the parents, this is what we are doing.

Applying for an EHCP is a lengthy process there are many steps that need to be followed: 

  • Step 1. Making the request
  • Step 2. The local authority’s initial decision
  • Step 3. Assessment
  • Step 4. Drafting the EHCP
  • Step 5. Agreeing on the EHCP
  • Step 6. Finalising the EHCP

Once everything has been agreed, the local authority will send out the final plan. This should happen as soon as possible; technically you should receive it a maximum of 20 weeks after the first request for assessment.

As much as we LOVE the school Teddie goes to we have to look Teddies best interest for the future. As the process takes forever, in my opinion, its best to apply for it all now as things change so quickly. 

Every day Teddie seems to get more distressed as the daily routine changes, this week its been the rehearsals for the Christmas play, Teddie has managed to be apart of most of the rehearsals but needs to leave before the end as its too much for him.

Today it’s come to school in PJ’S for children in need, we have implemented it for about a week with PECs cards and social stories. We have brought new Pj’s so Teddie cannot make the association with bedtime & have been telling Bear it is rocket day at school as his new PJ’s has a rocket on. This change will either go 2 ways!!

Teddie has been very distressed with the end of day routine at school these last few weeks, its been agreed Teddie will go into the rainbow room for sensory play until the end of day bell rings. By doing this Teddie can then gets his coat and can leave straight away which is less stressful for him, me & his 1:1.

We have been doing lots of phonics, shapes & number work at home, we use the bingo format as this works best for Teddie. Teddie has been able to place the alphabet in order since he was 2, he still enjoys doing it now! Making these adaptions is the best way for Teddie to learn, we are lucky that Teddie has a very good memory, you only have to show him once and he’ll just get it.

We are having a referral to see an occupational therapist to help develop Teddies skills for handwriting & his fine motor skills. The process for OT has changed, they are no longer seeing individual children but put on group therapy sessions, we are filling the paperwork out today for it, hopefully, there won’t be a long wait.


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