3 weeks in…..

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We have IPEA funding people!!
Individual Pupil Resourcing Agreement provides additional resources to schools to support an individual pupil’s needs, the funding ensures schools have sufficient resources to meet the needs of a pupil with High Needs. We applied for IPEA in July, finally, it has been awarded!

Teddie’s transition into reception could not have gone any smoother, we had a few issues with lunch cover the 2nd week but they were ironed out soon as they arose.
Teddie is eager as ever to get into school, it’s so refreshing to see how happy and engaged he is.
Teddie’s teacher and LSA’s are angels sent from heaven, the time and support they have given Teddie is astonishing. I tell everyone who works with Teddie the approach is everything for him & first impression certainly go along way in Teddie’s book.
I honestly feel at ease and relaxed knowing Teddie is in safe hands while he is at school.

Pecs is working really well in the school setting, Teddie has even got changed for PE, something I never thought he would do! With the added support from his teachers and watching the other children, he did it, he actually did it!!!IMG_6349 (1)

I’m kinda feeling slightly redundant the last few days I’ve tried hard not focusing all my time on Teddies needs while he’s at school and more on my own, it’s surprising how much organising & time Teddie requires just so he can communicate!

Teddie is very particular (obsessed), although he is not adverse to change he likes to keep to routine as much as possible. At school, Teddie looks out for me at the end of the day, I wonder how he would be if one day someone else picked him up. Gareth collected him from preschool once- he cried and cried!
I want to try and take a few steps back from Teddie, allow him to make his own choices and not rely solely on me! A few weeks ago I would have never allowed myself to think about easing off but dealing with my anxiety issues I feel more relaxed about certain situations.

I am my own worst enemy, I’m sure I’m not the only parent (mum) who rants about having to do it all, kids, house, jobs, dogs and now add studying into the mix, I have so many offers for help but I never take anyone up on their offer as although I want the help I don’t- make’s no sense I know!
Trying to write when Teddie is around is so hard, like now for an example All I am currently hearing is the ‘I’m a gummy bear’ song blaring out of Teddies kindle, instead of the normal head-butting version we have what sounds like a cassette tape (showing my age) being played in slow motion!!!! Will add the link below for you all to appreciate or to block it from your devices before your child stumbles across it! 

Have a good day, people……

The gummy bear song 

Teddie’s mind-numbing video

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I’ve asked for help!


I put my hands up, I’ve asked for help!

Trying to fall asleep with the thought of your son wrapped in barbed wire, head stuck in between climbing ropes or getting out of the school are all thoughts that race through my mind as I lay my head these past few nights! I know these thoughts aren’t rational I think them because anxiety changes the way that your brain interprets and stores information.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is the thought (“obsessions”) that you simply cannot get out of their head eventually they adopt behaviours, known as “compulsions,” For me, I always thought that something terrible would happen to the boys, never me only ever the children. I would call in sick at work (sorry girls) because my mum was taking the children out for the day- if I didn’t go to work the children wouldn’t need to go out!

Unless you have ever suffered from anxiety you will never really know how it can make someone feel. Anxiety can be caused by many things, stress, Your genetic ‘makeup’, trauma or a family crisis.

For me it started in 2008 when our world felt like it had been turned upside down, Alfie (our middle son) than 10 months was in the hospital with septicemia and pneumonia. It’s a day I remember like it was yesterday, I stood watching in horror as Alfie was rushed past me by the medical team as he deteriorated. He had wires and tubes every where it was touch and go for a while!

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As Alfie got older my anxiety did withdraw slightly or I’d go through periods where I convinced myself I was fine and was just overreacting. After I had Teddie and it became apparent he had addition needs my anxieties became worse than ever, I know it’s mainly due to him being more vulnerable than Harvey and Alfie. 

I cannot do anything with the children without running every scenario through my mind, Its sounds morbid and strange I know but if I run through what might happen if it does happen I’ll know what to do.

There’s really no shame in asking for help, It wasn’t till one of my friends reminded me &  gave me the push to make the appointment, thanks, Lydia!

I knew once I started telling the nurse how I have been feeling the flood gates would open! The nurse was so lovely and allowed me to get it all out, took a while as I had that ugly cry talking face (not a look)
I had to see the doctor as well, as I wasn’t feeling depressed she thought it best to see what the doctor thought the best care option would be.

I’ve been given a low dose of Sertraline, Although it may take months for the medication to really have an effect, I instantly feel better knowing I had taken the first step. My advice to others who are feeling or showing symptoms of anxiety (or depression) is not to sweep them under the carpet, I have spent years feeling the way I have when I didn’t need to feel like that.

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Anxiety UK

NHS help



He loved it…….


The day I had been dreading has been and gone. Teddie loved his first day (morning) he, of course, had his moment at school but they are moments we were completely expecting!

Teddie needed to arrive at school at 8.45, We left the house at 8.40 (literally live around the corner) I didn’t want to hang around as Teddie isn’t always good with waiting. As soon as we got into the playground off came the coat and he wanted to play on the play ground but unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time.

Teddie had a bit of a melt down as he couldn’t play outside, I ended up leaving him crying which I really did not want to do.

I got a call from the school at 10.30 to say all was ok! Was very pleased to hear Teddie had handed over a PECS toilet card & went without any anxiety!

Teddie will be a learning curve for us all, even me, take today as an example- I was under the impression Teddie would want to go straight into class like he did at preschool but he had other ideas.

After chatting with his one to one & teacher this afternoon they mentioned the children will start their day with a phonics lesson & there will be no out door play first thing. Being informed with this I will get to the school earlier tomorrow so Teddie can play in the play ground before school.

All we can do is take one day as it comes!

We love our Bear & wouldn’t have him any other way!