The holiday…….

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The car is all packed and we are ready to go, We are off on our first ever U.K holiday travelling 305 miles to Devon. (Stress levels are high right now!)

The boys have been lucky enough to travel abroad most years but we hadn’t planned on a holiday abroad this summer so we thought we would give Devon a try. 

We have no idea how Teddie will be when we are there, we have lots of days out planned and lots of swimming (all Alfie is going for). We have a backup plan for every activity so if Teddie feels he can’t do it, it will be absolutely fine!! 

The last time we went on holiday was to Turkey, We were so excited to go it was going to be like all our other holidays, maybe even better. Unfortunately, it didn’t always feel like that at times.

It was on this holiday that I first noticed Teddie’s struggles, He hated the restaurant couldn’t get out of there quick enough. Gareth and I would have to take it in turns to eat our food then swap, Some night I wouldn’t even get to eat as Teddie didn’t want to stay with Gareth.

Every meal was an issue, it became very stressful mainly because I was really concerned what people thought, I knew how much we had paid for our holiday I didn’t want people to pay all that money and hear a child every meal time. I wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone for fear I would get a look which would end with me either feeling worse than I already did or worse I shouted and screamed at them. I ended up taking my frustrations out on my parent who was with us. It is something that I am still ashamed of even now.

Going on holiday with children isn’t the easiest even without any additional needs- the holiday we had hoped for just wasn’t panning out. We just needed a tiny break from it all, even half an hour so Gareth and I could share a coffee together or even push it to eat a meal at the same time. Now I completely get it, it was my parent’s holiday and the boys are ours, I shouldn’t have expected them to help when they are enjoying spending time together. ( They did help in the end after I lost it…… big time!)

As a rule, Teddie is always with me- I think most mums will agree with me when I say the dads get to do all the fun stuff (will make out it’s a chore) with the older kids while us mums stay with the little ones. I have told Gareth this is NOT happening on this holiday, I like fun stuff as well!!!

Will keep you all posted on how we got on!!

We love our Bear and wouldn’t want him any other way!

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