Love everyone the same!

Teddie ball (1).jpg

I love that Teddie is never afraid to approach children who are happily playing, he runs towards them with a spring in his step, I can see his determination in his face to make the boys who are playing together his friends. As he gets to the boys, who are playing with their nerf guns, he just stops by their feet with a massive smile on his face and just stands there. I can see both boys just staring at each other then back to Teddie, knowing what they are thinking but hoping to hell they don’t say it out loud, would hate for Teddie to witness nasty behaviour when he seems so happy. But within a second of standing there, he joyfully runs back to us as if he has achieved the task he was given.Β πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™

Had one of them thoughtful days yesterday, as we drove around seeing all the lovely faces the sunshine has to offer I noticed how different we are actually are.
Made me question what is being different ‘normal’

  • It is a girl with blonde hair, a girl with red hair, A girl with black skin or white skin.
  • Is it a boy with brown hair, a boy with black hair, a boy who is mixed race?.
  • Is it a lady who’s a lesbian? or a man who’s gay?
  • Is it a teenager with special needs?

As we grow our babies inside us all we ever want is for them to be healthy. As soon as we reach one milestone we worry and threat about the next but in all honesty, if I was told there was a problem, health wise with any of my boys I would still love them as much as I did the previous day.

There really is no such thing a being different, we are all different without having any additional needs but unfortunately, society has led some people down a road that is filled with hatred.

The only thing that’s wrong with being ‘different’ is if you allow the judgement of others to bother you so be pragmatic, Walk tall and walk your path with a humble heart and be proud of being you!Β Would you really want to be all the same- I know I wouldn’t.

We love our Bear and wouldn’t have him any other way!

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