Dear Teddie…..


Dear Teddie

The day I found out I was pregnant with you, I knew then you would be our special boy. You came as a complete surprise but we loved you the second we knew you were coming.

We had your name picked before we even knew you were a boy- of course, you were going to be a boy. It came to no surprise when we were told yes, in fact, you were a boy (it has always been Rach and her boys, we couldn’t change it now after all this time)

You were the perfect baby, fat and chubby like babies are meant to be. We slept in a feeding chair for the first few months. Daddy used to tuck my legs into our duvet so I got a sense of what our bed felt like. I could have fed you and put you in your crib but I never wanted to put you down.

I used to catch Daddy staring at me when I used to smell & kiss you while we snuggled, I honestly loved you so much (still do) I just couldn’t leave you alone.

You were the easiest baby, from an early age you insisted on being in bed by 5.30, It took us years (age 3) to drag out your bedtime too later. We never did anything in the evenings as our Bear needed his bed, we couldn’t even whisper the word ‘bed’ as you would want to go up.

You have always been confident & strong minded (you take after me for that) even now you never let your differences stop you, you are who you are for that there are a few things I want you to know:

  • 1: Never stop being you, even on bad days when you see me falling apart (or rocking in the corner) these days don’t define you or meant to hurt you. As you grow up you will see everyone copes with issues in different ways- it is by no means your fault when you see me fall.
  • 2: Your passion to succeed will not only become you, it will set you up for life. Every hurdle you face or new topic you have to learn you have always carried it out with perfection. 
  • 3: It’s never as bad as you think, The longer you procrastinate or avoid doing something, the harder it becomes. If you fail at least you tried!

Today we will face a battle like we did yesterday and will probably tomorrow but battles are there to be won.

You have a long road ahead but Daddy, Harvey, Alfie and I will forever be by your side!



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