Is it bedtime yet, for me!


I’ve escaped upstairs to have a very early bath! It’s been one of them days!

Broadband has been playing up again so I called BT to have a rant and went through all the mind numbing questions and task. Any parent will understand the words “can you turn your broadband off” even without having a child with complex needs it’s basically like saying world war 3 is about to begin! As I did what I was told I waited for it………WHAT!!! Harvey came running down the stairs moaning as he was in the middle of some stupid Fifa game, Teddies screaming as he was watching some crap about opening a kinder egg, Alf was the only one not moaning!

We got through it all by Teddie throwing my birthing ball (FYI I never used it) up the stairs and letting it roll back down while the other two had Gareth’s boxing gloves out and punching each other in the hall way upstairs!! Dinner was late going in the oven as the very lovely lady from BT was telling me all about her holidaying in the UK (thanks for that). I did lots of different variations for dinner, Chicken and bacon Kievs for Harvey while Gareth and Alfie had chicken wrapped in puff pastry, chips for Gareth, couscous for Alfie!! Teddie wouldn’t eat any of that so he had just Chips! He, of course, wasn’t happy with that and got every PECS card he could find of chicken nuggets and gave it to me- we don’t have any chicken nuggets (kill me now!)

Tomorrow BT are coming out, again so the afternoon will end the Same way today has, cheers for that!!

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