My hero!


Alfie is for sure my hero, I cannot put into words how much he helps me (us) every day. Alf does the normal brother duties but he just goes above and beyond them every single day. Today we went to the zoo, Teddie was busting for a wee while we were at the park but was so scared to go he ended up wetting himself- which he was mortified about. Alfie went over with some tissues and cleaned it all up then came and sat with Teddie while I sorted him out. Luckily I took Teddie’s old preschool bag and it had spare clothes in it otherwise it wouldn’t have ended so well. There were some boys (I have a better name for them) at the park who were laughing at Teddie because he wet himself, I wanted to shout and scream at them and their parents but could tell they wouldn’t do anything if I had said something, I could see Alfie thought the same & when he and Teddie went back in the park he made sure the boys didn’t say anything to Teddie.  Generally, when we need Teddie to do something or Teddie needs help Alfie will always offer to help first as he knows Teddie will do it if Alfie does it, I don’t know what I’d do without him sometimes!

I read an inspiring article this past week on Paddy McGuinness who spoke opening about his twins who have been diagnosed with having autism. There were mixed views on some of the comments he made on social media but I completely agreed with what he said and could really relate to him.  “Some days, it feels like you’re slowly drowning. It’s like you’re under water desperately swimming up to get oxygen, but never getting there.” (hello magazine) Although for us we have yet to have a diagnosis I’m certain Teddie will get an autism diagnosis.

I called CADU again this week to check an appointment hasn’t been made for while we are on holiday (will just be our luck) I spoke to a lovely lady who point blank said Teddie will not be seen any time in the next few months!! Cadu is currently under review and things are or may change. She mentioned a specialist health visitor will come out to see Teddie then there will be anything from 4-8 week wait to be seen in clinic which will probably mean Teddie waiting a whole year from the date he was first referred.

School holiday has been ok so far, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring”- A song we have sung most mornings his past week, although it always turns out nice it’s like the weather secretly know it’s school holidays and enjoys installing panic in us parents when we have a day planned!  We have had a few days out so far, although we have faced a few issues with Teddie it has by no means ruin our day, we deal with them and move on.

We love our Bear and would never have him any other way!




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