As one chapter ends, a new one starts.


How is it even possible that our baby finishes preschool in a few days and about embark on a new chapter in his life, school.
I say to new parents, enjoy the time you have with your little ones because it honestly feels like you blink and they’re starting school.
I’ve always thought once they start school, they lose that ‘little one’ label, you see such a change in them. I know we constantly underestimated how much Harvey and Alfie could actually do, at home, we did everything for them. I remember seeing a video of Alfie cutting vegetables with a sharp knife, I don’t let him use a knife at home now and he’s nearly 10!

Lots of parents have an option of whether 6 weeks holiday is too long, right now I’m counting down till the boys break up, ask me again in a week and I’ll be that parents, saying it’s farrrrrrrr to long.
I’m looking forward to the lazy morning’s & not having to rush around trying to find socks that match every night then again in the morning as I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa the night before. I absolutely HATE socks, they are the bane of my life. Where do boys keep their socks because they are not in their draw, nor the washing basket or the tumble dryer, seriously where are they??. Alfie Went to school in the same socks twice in a row last week, Harvey does this most day but that’s cos he’s a 14-year-old, apparently, it’s ok!.
As much as I’m looking forward to not wasting my life on socks, school holidays also means I’m running a cafe, breakfast, lunch and dinner needs to meet restaurant standards. Why can’t my boys just eat normal food? Alf wants pancakes, Teddie want a loaf of bread toasted and cut into the shape he desires (and that’s just for breakfast) and then there’s Harvey- this boy can eat! Harvey wants a full English for breakfast, pizza for lunch (a whole one) and then an Italian pasta dish for dinner, thank god we have that money tree in the back garden!

The odd afternoon I’ve been taking Teddie into his Reception class he’ll be in in September, he loves the outside play area & the other class that’s adjoined to his. This afternoon some of the current reception children were still in class as their parents hadn’t been seen. I walked over to find him queueing with the other class children, did make me laugh that he wanted to queue with them.
Last week I had a meeting with the current school senco, area senco and Teddie’s pre-school manager. We talked at length about what Teddie will need come September. We created an effective IEP (An IEP or Individual Education Plan is a plan or programme designed for children with SEN to help them to get the most out of their education) We talked at length about my concerns and the issues he faces every day and not knowing whether they will affect him come September, it was thought best to be ready with the support just in case.
It was thought that the difference Teddie may experience might not truly show until year 1 as year 1 is a lot more structured than reception.

Teddie will be seen by the specialist teacher team, I so pleased to find out it’s someone we know and has a connection to our little family (parent from boys old school) I look forward to her coming alone on Teddie’s journey.
I have no idea how the school will pan out for Teddie, all we can do is try and hope he’ll be ok and If he isn’t then we have other options.
For now, we continue to love our Bear, and wouldn’t have him any other way!.

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