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I cannot believe Teddie has less than 2 weeks left at preschool, I will be forever grateful to all the girls at Teddie’s preschool. It so hard handing your child over to anyone even without having additional needs. The girls have made us feel so at ease with Teddie going, they gave him the time & space he needed to get to where he is today. He love’s going to preschool, he loves all his friends he’s made and he loves all the ladies (ladies man in the making) It will be very sad closing that chapter of Teddie journey.

Teddie has had his last taster session in his reception class, now it’s the countdown until September.  When we got to the school the gate wasn’t open so there was a slight wait- felt like hours, we sat on the benches with a friend and waited for the gate to open. Teddie was eager as ever to get in, he walked straight in with his lunch box in hand, I didn’t even get a kiss goodbye. I spent a few minutes with his teachers, Just to put my mind at rest! I am very lucky to already know a lot of the staff at the school, having them already knowing Teddie’s background is so helpful for him as well for them. When I came to collect Teddie his lovely 1-1 came out and assured me he was absolutely fine, Then his teacher came out at the end of the day when we were picking Alfie up and said the same

I had said before I thought Teddie had grown an issue using the toilet while we were out, I now know this has become a real thing. Teddie had an appointment with the specialist teacher last week. We were early so I treated him to a McDonalds for lunch, I told Teddie once he had finished we would go to the toilet, he flat out refused and looked scared at the idea. When we got to the primary care centre I needed to go- thinking this was a familiar place he would have no problems going but again looked frightened at the thought of going, as I couldn’t wait I asked one of the parents to watch Teddie while I went, Teddie on the other had waited 5 hours to go.

Teddies appointment last week wasn’t what I thought it would be, I was under the impression Teddie was being seen by a new specialist teacher so we could go through everything he needs for school, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

Considering we hadn’t been in the primary care centre for 8 months Teddie remembered every room in there. Teddie got very upset he wasn’t going with the other children when they were all called.

The appointment was to look at the stages Teddie was working at with PECS- we could have done this over the phone.  At home, Teddie uses stage 4-5 PECS but when he’s at preschool/school he’ll work at a lower stage as at times the environment is hard to work it plus it’s new of them all. I have made a few changes to how we use it but everything is pretty much the same.

Alongside the Toilet issues, Teddie has real issues when it comes to hurting himself, If he falls over and there’s blood he’ll get himself in such a state and will not let you near him to help. This morning he banged his face on our coffee table, anyone would think we were murdering him the noise he made. I gave him the time he needed then he came in for a hug- he then noticed the blood from his mouth on my top and it all started again.       As much as you want to help Teddie it’s just better to leave him when he’s hurting, he’ll always come in for a hug but never for your help.

Gareth and I left the boys with my parents this weekend as we had a friends wedding, I went through the motions of dealing with my separation anxiety and tried not to think too much about how Teddie was feeling without us- mainly me, but of course, Teddie and the older two were absolutely fine, not sure about my parents. When we got home Teddie wouldn’t leave my side, I actually really liked that he wanted to be with me and not because he wanted me to do something for him- Maybe we should have a night away more often.

Teddie continues to amaze us, we learn something new about him and ourselves everyday, We love our Bear and wouldn’t have him any other way.

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