Busy busy busy


Our village had our regatta last weekend, Was looking forward to it but anxious at the same time. We watched the boat races and looked at all the stalls, was a very high tide so let Teddie enjoy the water with his brother. We ended the day at my friends sitting chatting with a glass (or two) while the children played out the front. I was nervous when he was close to the water but let Teddie have a bit of leeway before I called him back over. He played so well with all the kids and seemed relaxed. I knew he wanted the toilet but he refused to go, I’m starting to wonder if there was something that has frightened him as he’s been reluctant to go anywhere where other then familiar places.

With me constantly feeling anxious Teddie is going to get lost and not be able to say who he is, where he lives etc, my lovely friend mentioned getting him an ID bracelet. I looked for ages at all different types and came across children’s specialist wrist ID bands with safety clips, they can only be opened with two hands so there’s no way Teddie could just take it off or loose it. Not yet used them as they have only just been delivered but hopefully, it will put my mind at rest as I was seriously looking at GPS devices for him to wear!


We have a busy few weeks ahead of us, this morning we have Alfie’s sports day, that brings a million of and one problem’s. I was hoping it would be on a Wednesday as Teddie will be a preschool all day but it’s not, I’m sure all will be fine and I have the support of Gareth so fingers crossed.

Thursday Teddie has lunch at ‘big school’, we had the option for him to have school dinners or packed lunch, I’ve gone with pack up, I know he’ll eat all that I put in without any fuss, hopefully. Still, cannot believe he’ll be starting school September.

I started a few new topics this week, Word Bingo, match the 2 & 3D shapes and practice tracing letters & curved lines. I’m very lucky Teddie loves to try new things, his ability to remember everything is amazing, he just gets topics like that. (Word Bingo video)

Next Tuesday We are seeing a specialist teacher with Teddie’s therapist, hoping we can get some ground work done ready for his start to school September. He already has a great support system at school but the more support the better I say.

Week Friday Gareth and I are away for the night for our friend’s wedding. My parents are staying at our’s, mainly so we don’t have to pay for the dogs to stay in kennels plus everything Teddie needs PECS wise is all set up at ours but mainly for the dogs lol.

I’ve added life with a bear to Instagram a few weeks ago and I love it, there is so much support on their with so many people going through the same thing. Unfortunately, most of the accounts aren’t in the UK but still good to see how others do things. I wonder every day if Teddie will ever talk in sentences, We will always be his voice but we cannot be with him all the time. I know he has a good impression on other kids his age as the preschool mums always say their child talks about Teddie all the time.

Teddie continues to amaze us every day, we wouldn’t have our Bear any other way!



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