And breathe…..


Days like today I feel I’m banging my head against a wall! It’s not even 10 am and I’m feeling like its Friday afternoon already, Stressed!
This morning was going so well until I got a miss phone call from Alfie’s school. All sorts were running through my head, I have just let him walk to school on his own as we live just round the corner from the school. I thought the school was gonna tell me he’s been knocked over! He didn’t thank God but I had put Teddie’s lunch box in Alfie’s bag. I couldn’t believe it, this is gonna ruin the day!
I stood with my toothbrush in a mouth and wanted to scream, how did I put the wrong lunch box in Alf’s bag.
I could have sent Teddie into school with Alf’s lunch box but he’d get upset as he knows it’s Alfie’s, instead I ran the gauntlet to school,
It ended how I knew it would, Teddie got so upset we weren’t bringing Alfie home, even though it was 9.15. I gave him a big mummy hug which worked until we passed the reception class, he thought he was going in. Roll on September!!!!

We have had some lovely days out with all the family as it’s been so hot, not complaining. Teddie has gone to preschool in shorts every day with only the odd meltdown.

We brought a new pool for the garden, Teddie wasn’t sure at first but we now can’t get him out of it, in fact, we have all been in it! Teddie has gone from wanting to get in the pool but not get wet ( good luck with that one) to jumping in fully clothed (not even bothered about his clothes being wet). He’s even gone in the pool with no clothes on, progress!

All theses thing are sent to test us all, but we would never want our bear any different!19366434_10158896606965607_5346315297964221567_n

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