Just us….


I started writing mainly to keep myself from going insane, writing how I felt was like the magic pill the doctor gives you.  Although I felt sick with worry wondering what people would think or react to how I was feeling it actually turn me into this possessed parent who needs the best for their child.

Since writing Life with a bear I’ve never really spoken about the rest of us in the family, mainly Harvey and Alfie, they are a massive part of their brothers’ journey.
Harvey is our older son, he is 14 going on 21, as must as I wanna kick his head in at times he’s a really good lad who generally has his head screwed on but we do have days where we wonder….
Alfie is our middle son who never stops asking a question, nearly every sentence that leaves his lips starts with mum can I ask you something or 3 things, mum. He asks a question all the time, Take last week for an example we were out walking the dogs, Alfie asks: If you were a WWE wrestler what would your name be? Is there a megalodon shark alive today, Why do dolphins have long noses and why do we get thunder and lighting?  As much as I love filling him the facts it’s all so much in one go, I have learnt the art of nodding just at the right time.

Together I couldn’t ask for better brothers for Teddie, Harvey and Alfie are brilliant with him, they know everything Gareth and I know.                                                                       Harvey asked me once if there was something wrong with Teddie, I cannot actually remember what my reply was I just remember telling him its ok to be different.

I’ve always been the one who starts and implements new things for Teddie, Gareth and the boys just do it without question, it’s half the battle if everyone is on the same page.




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