School holidays……..



The last few days have been testing, to say the least, and not just from Teddie- the older two seem to think we are on an all-inclusive holiday.

Harvey needs a new bike as the make we got him for Christmas isn’t in with the crowd, luckily for Harvey, his Christmas bike was showing signs of a fault so it was exchanged for the better make yesterday (with a considerable amount more to pay)

Teddie seems to be moaning at everything of late his cry is like a knife cutting me in half, Think I’ll go watch wonder woman and see how she manages it all.

This morning Harvey left the back gate open after his paper round it’s not something he would normally do but he was in a rush to get to his friend’s pool party (if only hay) I heard a very high pitch bark and knew Sonnie had got out.

Luckily Sonnie wasn’t hurt he was just scared and hiding by our front door as a lady was trying to approach him to see if he was ok.

I felt sick to my stomach of the thought Teddie walking out & going off on a wonder. I sat in the downstairs’ toilet and just sobbed, it needed to be done in all honesty.

I have felt so under pressure with a million of things, this was the final nail in the coffin. I knew Harvey would be upset by what had happened and what could have happened to Sonnie or Teddie. I told him he needs to constantly look at the bigger picture, had Teddie walked off he would have never been able to tell anyone where he lived or what his name was (although most of the neighbour’s know him, it’s beside the point)

Every parent can relate to when you have a baby you cannot just leave the house without making sure you have everything you need for that day, It normally involves taking half the house with and you will still forget something. Having a child with special needs is very much the same but without the bags. Going out can be very stressful for everyone but mainly for Teddie.

We took all 3 boys to see a car show my husband’s company had put on, Alfie was so excited to see all the sports cars, we made Harvey come as he seems to think he’s a lodger now & always busy.

Teddie was fine until we got out of the car, he cried from the minute we shut the door behind him. It was an area he had never been to and looked so scared. Gareth held him nearly the whole way round, in hindsight, we shouldn’t have taken him but we just didn’t know if he’d like it or not.

As soon as we approached our car, Teddie got down from Gareth, walked the rest of the way feeling safe knowing daddy’s car was in sight.

I still completely forget at times that Teddie might be affected by the choices we have made for a day out.  It’s so hard not to get cross with Teddie when the other two are having a good time and he’s not, the fact is Teddie is different from the other two and steps have to be made to help him.

I have always said new environments are not an issue for Teddie but when I actually think about it there not new environments. Teddie new school he’ll start in September isn’t new as his brother goes there, his preschool: We pass it on walks nearly every day, Doctors & hospital appointments: he’s been in and out since he was a baby. Although the situations are new the environments aren’t.

Teddie, Alfie and I went to the beach over the weekend, the weather was lovely and both boys loved the water and played in the sand with their cousin Lillie. Teddie didn’t have a care in the world, didn’t cry once, he was happy in his surroundings and felt safe to leave me and play.
Beach life it is then……….


We love our Bear and wouldn’t have him any other way!

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