A change……


The walk to school is usually very peaceful. We both just take in the surroundings while holding hands. However, today Teddie was particularly clingy; he wanted me to carry him – my back just could not take it.

A few times, I turned away from him and did an air scream, so I didn’t show how annoyed I was becoming; at times, I just wanted to shout “enough,” but that really would not help and would only make it worse. It’s infrequent that he has days like today; I have not seen him like this for a long time.

This morning Teddie cried when I dropped him off at preschool, which he never does. I think it’s a mixture of being tired because of the constant seasonal bedtime cough, and it is the last day of the school year – we all feel it!!!

Leaving him is always hard, but today is even more challenging. I wanted to stay around to see if he calmed down, but I knew that would not do any good because I would have to leave him eventually, which may cause more dysregulation.

We have seen a slight change in Teddie; it may be his cough, but I cannot put my finger on it. My parents got Teddie a Kindle for his birthday. Since it’s new, we let him play with it a lot. I was wondering if the Kindle is the cause of his change? He only watches preschool learning videos or his Gemini videos, so I doubt it is this.

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