A change……



The walk to school is normally very peaceful with us both just taking in our surroundings while holding hands. Today Teddie was especially clingy, he wanted me to carry him- My back just couldn’t take that.

A few times I turned away from him and did an air scream so I didn’t show how annoyed I was becoming, At times I just wanted to shout


but that really wouldn’t help & would only make it worse. It’s very rare for him to have days like today, I haven’t seen him like this in a long time.

This morning Teddie cried for me when I dropped him at preschool, first times he’s done this. I think its a mixture of him being tired from the constant coughing and it is the last day of term- we are all feeling it!!

Leaving him is always hard but today it’s been made much harder. I wanted to hang around to check he settles but I know it wouldn’t help the situation as I’d only have to leave him again once he does settle’s.

We have seen a slight change in Teddie of late, again it may be his cough but I cannot put my finger on it.

My parents bought Teddie a Kindle for his birthday, as it is new we have let him go on it a lot. I have been wondering if the Kindle is causing the change in him? He only watches preschool learning videos or his gemiini video’s but still, he’s been on it a lot.

Think we will reduce the amount of screen time and see if that helps, best to cover all avenues.

We love our Bear and wouldn’t have him any other way.