The birthday boy….


Yesterday was Teddies 4th birthday, the night before it dawned on me that he didn’t really understand it was going to be his birthday. Everyone was saying “birthday boy tomorrow”,  “no” would be Teddie’s reply.

Teddie woke early, as he always does. We greeted him half awake with birthday celebrations, to which his reply was still “no”. He was overjoyed to see his present’s downstair’s, after opening his gifts we changed this age on his all about Teddie board.

He had a lovely day at preschool and ended the day with all the family coming over for a BBQ. When I put him to bed he started to sing the happy birthday song, it brought a tear to my eye as I really thought then he knew it was his birthday.

I’ve been looking back at all his picture, he just cracks me up with what he used to get up to, One of my favorites was when I planted all my bulbs in the garden only for him to dig them all out and put them on the lounge table.

Life with a bear is as always eventful but I would never have it any other way!



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