The birthday boy….

Yesterday was Teddie’s fourth birthday. The night before it dawned on me that he did not really understand that it was his birthday. Everyone said “birthday boy tomorrow”, “no” was Teddie’s response.

Teddie woke up early, as he always does. We greeted him half-awake with a birthday celebration, to which he still replied “no”. He was overjoyed to see his present downstairs. After opening his gifts we changed his age on his all about Teddie visual board.

Teddie had a lovely day at preschool and ended the day with all the family coming over for a BBQ. Teddie loved opening all his cards and presents, by the end of the day he was partied out. As I snuggled him in bed he started to sing the happy birthday song, it brought a tear to my eye as I knew then he understood it was his birthday.

I spent the rest of the evening looking back at old pictures. I laughed out loud as Teddie cracks me up with what he used to get up to. Even though he has his struggles he has a great personality that invites everyone to love him.

Life with a bear is as always eventful but I would never have it any other way!


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