Social stories

Of late Teddie has been really sensitive to change, Like today Gareth, my mother in law and I took him out to one of our local garden centres. As soon as my mother in law got into the car (Where Alfie normally sits) Teddie had a meltdown! He spent the whole car journey crying, saying No and pointing to his nanny. (sorry nanny)

We took Alfie out of his car seat as he was over the height he needed to be in one, gave his seat to Teddie as he had outgrown his. Since then Teddie got so upset when Alfie hasn’t got in a car seat. It was really sweet as first but it’s now starting to grate a bit (just being honest).

A friend who is a Senco at one of the preschools in our village mentioned using social stories to help him when he’s feeling distressed, so out we went today to get supplies. Have looked online and done the research before I started something I couldn’t follow through with.

We are ready to start as and when we need to, will keep you all posted!

Carol Gray

Social stories

autism speaks

life with a bear


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