A picture can say it all…….


There was a time when I was really worried what people thought of me and the situations I was in when Teddie was having a meltdown (like in the picture). Now I actually couldn’t care less, in fact, I feel sorry for them people.

I have never claimed that my children are perfect because they really aren’t, but those people who turn their noses up at you or make judgemental comments do not live in the real world. Why can’t we just let kids be kids and let them learn from their mistakes if they want to have a tantrum in the store, let them, how can you teach your child what’s right and wrong without them experiencing everything EVERY child goes through.

This week I overheard a comment from a parent who’s child was pushed over, she know’s would did it (her words),  I had a feeling the comment was made for me to hear but I couldn’t care less if it was Teddie as put aside him having complex needs he’s a 3-year-old…….. all 3 years push at some stage!!

We had a big blow this week, after waiting 6 months already we were hoping Teddie would be seeing Cadu (Child Assessment Development Centre) in May but after calling to check I was told they are only just sending letters out for children who were referred in August, Teddie was referred in November!! There are 30 children ahead of Teddie so he may not be seen before he starts school in September!!

To say I was angry was an understatement, I completely appreciate they are snowed under but something has to give, they need more help to get through the backlog, how can children be supported without being put on the correct path.

Teddie is lucky he receives a high level of resources I have sourced for him but not every parent can offer or even know what’s available. Before long it’s the children that have waited so long for the correct diagnosis get branded the “naughty boy/girl” in school when all they want is the help!!

We will continue to push for everything and more if we feel Teddie will benefit from it, every day we see improvements and we learn so much from him!!

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