What will be……



So the day is nearly here where we find out if Teddie has got his chosen infant school. I only put one school down, it’s where his brother Alfie goes (well junior’s) and its basically on our road.

I cried when Teddie started his first preschool, not just a few tears, I cried like a baby, couldn’t speak cry!!!!  I wasn’t crying because I felt I was losing my baby, I cried because I was worried his inabilities would put a divide between him and the others, he was so more vulnerable than everyone else.

I love being the boy’s mum, I put everything I have into my boys. I stay up late sticking their homework, I make all their costumes, I pack their bags, I’ll even tie their shoelaces (even Harvey who’s 14).  Being ‘that mum’ doesn’t always help them, especially for Teddie.

When you teach a child something normally other children do the same but what if they don’t….. I’m not entirely sure if children pick up on Teddie not talking, he plays with the other children at preschool with no problems.

When we were out this weekend Teddie played with a group of boys, I become aware that even though I heard the other boys talked to their parents, they hadn’t engaged in conversation with each other but were happily playing together so maybe it’s not as noticeable as I think???.

Teaching Teddie Pecs was and still is the best thing for him, but when knowing one else can do it sometimes its seems a bit pointless.

For Teddie to start school in September someone from the school has to attend a Pecs training course and be ready to use it by September.  Is it fair that schools, preschools don’t already use it or at least have the basics?.

We are so lucky Teddie’s new preschool has started to use Pecs and are even using the Geniimi programme with him in a group environment. I cannot thank the ladies from Wivenhoe preschool enough, What they do for Teddie goes above and beyond any other preschool we have come across.

I’m ready for Teddie to start school September, academically I have no concerns, my concerns are whether he’s assigned the right Lsa.

I cannot be there to support Teddie all the time but it’s hard to hand them reins over to someone who may not be able to do as good of a job as you. I guess we will have to wait and see……….

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