The life saver!!!


A web-based program clinically proven to increase language, reading and social skills for people with Autism, Down Syndrome, Stroke and others.

What can I say about this program, the only thing I can say is its a life changer for children, young adults & adults.

Evidence-based interventions do happen in preschool-aged children with learning disabilities but it is not clear if such intervention would equally be beneficial or even appropriate for children under 2.

Infant and toddlers differ from pre-school children in their cognitive and communication processes, but it is thought that early based intervention is a good ‘fit’ for children under 3 but some professionals (especially in our area) feel that getting any diagnosis or intervention difficult at this age.

A private diagnosis is an option if you can pay for one, but most local authorities won’t accept the results of private diagnoses. They insist on an NHS diagnosis before they will provide services to you and your child.

Every area and country differ on how they carry out the process of ‘getting help’, I know from our experience’s with Teddie we felt we were ‘palmed’ off for about a year.  Every appointment was met with a new therapist so every first appointment with the ‘new lady’ was a history of everything!

Then I came across gemiini when I was researching for a module I was working on, I looked into it briefly but did nothing in the hope Teddie would improve with the 6-week course he went on (we know how well that ended).


Gemiini is a web-based program that utilises an approach called Discrete Video Modeling.

Discrete Video Modelling is a clinically proven way to increase language, reading and social skills. It breaks down information into understandable and digestible bites, making it an ideal solution for people with Autism, Down Syndrome, Stroke and others.

Before starting with Gemiini Teddie’s word bank was around 0-10, we saw the progress others had had with it so we were excited to start.

The first video Teddie watched was ‘playing fireman’ ( gemiini playing fireman ) From the minute I put the video on Teddie was glued to it. The video starts with a little boy called Luke who says ‘fire’ he then runs out an open door, The video then freezes too a lady who says the word ‘Door’, you then see lots of different pictures of doors and the ladies mouth while saying ‘door’.  Teddie has never said the word ‘door’, he’s never said ‘mum’ so door wouldn’t be a word he would choose to say.  After watching the video again Teddie said clear as day ‘Door’….


Gemiini has given us so much more then helping Teddie with his speech, it has given him the ability to be just like the other 3 year old’s. Watching him wave, smile and engage with his preschool friends is like winning the lottery! This last few weeks we have seen such a change in him.

I know the change in Teddie is from watching the Gemiini video’s, he says a new word every day, he is more socially aware, more affectionate and just loving life. getting started


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