It’s the little things……….


Yesterday Teddie did something that he’s never done before, he placed his hands either side my face and kissed me with so much love in his eyes, of course, he’s kissed before but not like this! 

The Last few weeks Teddie has shown so much emotion and just seems to get things. He always has a smile on his face and generally a happy 3-year-old!

Yesterday filled my heart, brought tears to my eyes and made be so proud of everything he is accomplishing as it’s not always been like this. 

 A few months back my sisters came over and we went crabbing with all the kids. We stopped off at the shop to get some bait which ended with Teddie having a mega scream fit, You know the kind where you wish you could teleport somewhere, anywhere but here.  All awhile those perfect mums, grandma and teachers all giving you the look of shame, how dare this child scream in a public place. He was screaming because I gave my niece 1 kinder egg out of the box of 3 I brought, How dare I………..

Teddie used to cry over the slightest thing, sometimes he’ll do that moan kids do that makes u wanna shoot yourself just so it stops, He’ll dribble on himself, tear a page in his book or just cry about everything and have a meltdown! 

How could we help him when we have no idea what’s wrong, He had no way of expressing or showing us how he was feeling. This is when I needed to find something other than Pecs.



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