Our Bear……….

17884115_10158565577730607_863032501792734614_n (1)

Sometimes it does not even occur to me that anything could be ‘different’ with Teddie.

He’s been a dream child lately, except for a few slip-ups here and there. This morning he dropped his bourbon biscuit and a piece broke off. He was so distraught about it that he tried to get me to put it back together for him.

Our reactions to situations are just as important as Teddie’s. Even when Teddie has done something wrong, we need to reassure him rather than reprimand him.¬†Teddie perceives everything visually so if you shout at him (which we would never do) and show any signs of anger, he will react, leading to an unhealthy environment for him and all of us.
We firmly believe that behaviour is the greatest form of communication. I would rather spend the time looking into the route of the problem than let Teddie think I am unhappy with him.
I have always loved the term “leading by example”. We want Teddie to know that he can come to us if there is a problem and that he knows he will not get a negative response.

Apart from the emotional bourbon problem, Teddie enjoys playing with his toys, watching a bit of TV, playing in the garden and enjoying playing with coins I have given him.

Remember, these things are sent to test us.

We love our Bear and would not have him any other way!!!

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