Our Bear……….

17884115_10158565577730607_863032501792734614_n (1)

Someday’s it doesn’t even cross my mind that there might be something wrong with Teddie.

He’s been the dream child of late, Scrap that he just drops his bourbon and a piece have broken off, I’m now trying to piece it together…..

oh, help!!

Other than the bourbon meltdown, he’s played with his toys, watched a few films, played in the garden and now playing with some coins I gave him.

There are situations at times where you just wanna say


in a very stern voice but you know it will only come back and bite you in the arse.

Our reactions to situations are as important as Teddie’s, even Teddie has done something is wrong we must reassure him over telling him off.

Teddie uses visual for everything, so shouting and showing any signs of distress will only affect him and make matters worse for a few minutes (will feel like hours), so getting down to his level and showing & telling him

‘it’s ok’

with a massive hug normally does the trick.

These things are sent to test us.

We love our Bear and wouldn’t have him any other way!!


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